Degrees and Certifications:


Hello! My name is Leah Hofer and I am the junior high and high school English teacher at Hitchcock-Tulare High School. This is my third year at Hitchcock-Tulare. I graduated from Wolsey-Wessington High School in 2011 and attended South Dakota State University from 2011-2014 where I obtained my bachelor's degree in Agriculture Science with a minor in Agriculture Business.  I have worked to complete the state requirements for alternative certification in English Language Arts and Speech Communication. Along with teaching English, I am the oral interpretation coach and drama coach. 


I grew up in Wolsey, and my parents, Jim and Brenda Cypher, are farmers in that area. I have four older siblings: James, an executive sales trainer for Simmons in Texas; Tom, a Chief Missile Technician for the US Navy in Washington; Carolyn, a supervising veterinarian for the state who lives in the Mitchell area; finally, Patrick, an aircrewman who specializes in drones for the US Navy in Florida. 


In the summer of 2013, I married Travis Hofer. Travis is the third generation of Hofer Family Farm southeast of Hitchcock, where his dad, Todd Hofer, and grandpa, Eldon Hofer, operate. We have one 3-year-old son named Barrett who keeps our hands full! 


I enjoy many things, such as reading, baking, and taking long walks with my dogs. I especially enjoy spending time with my family!