• Materials: Pen/pencil, paper, planner



    Curiosity (“Where am I, where are we, where is he/she, where are they in this text?”) 

    Compassion (“How can I help US succeed?”)


    Focus question: What goes with what?


    Complication: English is a potato-chip sandwich, beaten together with a hammer. Only by eating it can you taste and identify all the bits. 


    How do I get an “A”? 

    Do what I assign, when I assign it, the way I show you to do it, to the best of your ability.


    How do I get an “A+”?           Surprise me.

    How much extra credit is available?    None


    Simple summary: The textbook is separated into Units. Each unit will take 4-5 weeks to complete. DEAR time is TEXT time; so, keep the book with you to read from for DEAR.  I will NOT assign everything in the book. I will spend more time on some things than others. I will assign readings NOT in this book. But if you USE the book, you can find all the tools you need for a successful year.

    Each day, you will read and write. Daily reading and daily writing are each worth 1 point

    Grammar/reading/vocabulary worksheets will be worth 10 points each.

    There will be an exam at the end of each unit. This exam is 100 points

    Quizzes and exams will be on Tuesdays. Credit recovery will be Wednesdays.

    In-class essays will be written on Thursdays. In class essays are 50 points

    Friday Enhancements will be as scheduled as assigned/arranged. 

    9th hour attendance will be by appointment/arrangement. 


    If we are forced back into a distance-learning situation, your textbook,Google Classroom, Google Hangouts, and Google Docs will be our regular method of accountability.


    Word of advice: Your phone and linked Smart Watch are your business until I see or hear it. Then, it belongs to Mr. Nelson. I promise to take good care of it until I have a chance to give it to him. He will return it to the student or parents when he is available to do so.