This ONCE-A-YEAR and ONCE-IN-A-LIFETIME Thespian gathering

    will ONCE AGAIN trip the

    (portable, temporary, graduation-use-only)

    stage at the

    Tulare Gymnsasium in Early MAY

    (Date to be announced).


    We will be performing selections from Jon Jory's 

    LOVE, DEATH, and the PROM

    (The Dramatic Publishing Company, Woodstock, IL. MCMXCI)

    A select group of emerging student actors will present

    a series of short one-act plays from the above critically acclaimed collection

    sure to surprise, entertain, and intrigue

    students, senior citizens, and all ages in between.



    ALL 9th-12 grade students are welcome to sign up

    on Mr Wollman's classroom door for a part.

    This is a NO-AUDITION sign up!

    ALL students whose name appear on the list

    will have speaking parts.

    Technical assistants will be recruited by the middle of March.

    Rehearsals will begin the second week of March in Mr Wollman's room. 


    Do you run track?

    No problem!

    Rehearsals will NOT conflict with athletic activities.



    Drop by Mr Wollman's room and have a chat about possibilities.

    Maybe this is YOUR year to shine...



    Welcome to English Class!

    My name is Mr. Wollman, and I'm excited to bring the world of text, speach, and grammar into sharper focus this year.

    I am a 1980 graduate of Tulare, and my classroom was my 2nd grade room 50 years ago! WHEN DID I GET THIS OLD?

    I love words, books, reading, and helping students find their best words so they can find their best futures!

    Expect to read silently and out loud; to write with paper and pencil; to learn words that communicate your ideas; even, to begin to WANT to come to English!

    Expect to bring your best; you will always have mine!

    I'm excited to meet you all.