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281 Conference Rescheduled

The 1st Round Games of the 281 Conference Tournament have been reschedule for Monday, January 20th and will be played at James Valley and the Huron Arena. Games will start at 3:30 still and will follow this schedule:

Huron Arena:
3:30 pm Girls #1 Highmore-Harrold vs. #8 Sunshine Bible Academy
5:00 pm Boys #1 Wolsey-Wessington vs. #8 Hitchcock-Tulare
6:30 pm Girls #2 Sanborn Central/Woonsocket vs. #7 Iroquois/Doland
8:00 pm Boys #2 Sanborn Central/Woonsocket vs. #7 James Valley Christian

James Valley Gym:
3:30 pm Girls #3 Hitchcock-Tulare vs. #6 Wessington Springs
5:00 pm Boys #3Wessington Springs vs. #6 Highmore-Harrold
6:30 pm Girls #4 James Valley Christian vs. #5 Wolsey-Wessington
8:00 pm Boys #4 Iroquois/Doland vs. #5 Sunshine Bible Academy

Games will run on a rolling schedule...

With our girls playing at 3:30 PM and to help accommodate busing and travel to the games we will be dismissing school at 1:30 PM on Monday and all bus routes will run at that time. Information concerning the second round of the tournament to be played on Tuesday will be released on Monday. Thank you.