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281 Tournament 2nd Round

Tomorrow, Tuesday, January 21st, both our girl’s and boy’s basketball teams will play in the 2nd round of the 281 Conference Tournament with consolation bracket games being played at JVC and championship bracket games being played at the Huron arena. No matter what happens in today’s games, our boys will play at 5:00 PM tomorrow and our girls will play at 6:30 PM tomorrow. The location of the games will be determined by the outcome of today’s games. To help accommodate travel to the tournament as well as bus routes, we will be dismissing school at 2:30 PM tomorrow and all bus routes will run at that time. This will help ensure that everyone will be able to make it to Huron in time for the games if they so choose.

Thursday, January 23rd, is the final day of the 281-conference tournament and our game times are determined by the outcomes of the games listed above. Information about Thursday’s schedule will be sent out as soon as we know when we play.