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COVID-19 3/17/20

We find ourselves thrust into unprecedented times as we continue to learn and develop plans to address the COVID-19 pandemic that is sweeping across our nation. At this time we are still working through a fluid situation that is changing at a rapid rate. We just learned that this one week of closure for all schools across the state of South Dakota will be extended another week meaning all schools will be closed through Friday, March 27th at this time. With this new information, we will begin implementing a plan for e-learning to take place for our 7-12th grade students and some packets/optional online learning activities for students in K-6th grade. We will be meeting with staff to outline how this will look and then will get information out to students and parents about delivery methods as soon as possible. We find ourselves working through situations that no one has experience with and the reality is that every school district in the state has different needs and capabilities making the response to this situation different in every school and every district. We will continue to work through this situation and meet the academic responsibilities that we are used to providing but will also take on new roles as we take on social responsibilities as well. We will continue to update our response to these situations as things change on our website, Facebook and as needed through email and phone. Please remember that this is something no one has experienced in the past so we are literally learning as we go so please be understanding and open as we move through this historic situation. Thank you.