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COVID-19 Update - 3/24

Good evening everyone. I hope you are doing well and are finding ways to stay healthy and active as we all find ourselves in a foreign situation and out of our normal routine. I was truly hoping this current situation would not become our new normal but unfortunately Governor Noem announced today that schools will remain closed through May 1st. That means we will have our doors closed for another 5 weeks. We will continue to do some flexible and/or distance learning throughout this time and our goal in that will be to make things as relevant and educationally productive as possible for students. Our goal as a school district will be to strive for quality and not just quantity. We will be meeting with staff via Zoom tomorrow to discuss what this will all look like at each level over the next few weeks so please be looking for specifics later in the week. Here are a couple announcements as we find our doors closed for an extended amount of time.

• State testing for 2019-2020 has been cancelled.
• Kindergarten Screenings scheduled for April 3rd have been postponed with a later date to be determined
• Spring Sports/Activities have been cancelled through May 3rd
• The HS Play scheduled for April 17th has been cancelled
• The K-12 Spring Concert scheduled for May 7th has been cancelled.
• All other activities scheduled in May as well as prom will be determined at a later time.

If you have any questions concerning these things please feel free to email me. Thank you for your efforts as we know this isn’t just overwhelming for schools but also for students and parents. I am confident that we will persevere through this trying times so please stay positive and keep your heads up.


Jeff Clark, Superintendent
Hitchcock-Tulare School District