Science Fair Overall Winners

Congratulations to the winners of the 2024 Doland/Hitchcock-Tulare Science Fair!!

Overall Winners:
1st:  Brooklyn Frankenstein

2nd:  Dannika Seaman (Tie)

2nd:  Cameron Noethlich (Tie)

3rd:  Kylee Martin & Karter Miller

Overall Winners L-R: Brooklyn Frankenstein, Dannika Seaman, Cameron Noethlich, Kylee Martin, Karter Miller

Biological Science Division:

1st: Brooklyn Frankenstein--Don't Taste the Rainbow

2nd: Dannika Seaman--Which Oil Substitute Works Best? II

3rd: Kylee Martin & Karter Miller--Tan or Ban?

Biological Science Winners L-R: Brooklyn Frankenstein, Dannika Seaman, Kylee Martin, Karter Miller

Microbiology/Chemistry Division:

1st:  Isabel Gilbert & Katelyn Schroeder--Lighting Up Luminol

2nd:  Mikael Nielson & Nick Tollefson--Life's Effect on Metal

3rd:  Rylee Knock & Jocelyn Wagner--Bloat That Rumen

            Cambree McNeil & Erik Salmen--Essentially Clean

Microbiology/Chemistry Winners L-R: Rylee Knock, Jocelyn Wagner, Katelyn Schroeder, Isabel Gilbert, Erik Salmen, Mikael Nielson, Nick Tollefson (Not Pictured: Cambree McNeil)

Environmental Science/Plant Science Division:

1st:  Cameron Noethlich--Fertilizer Application vs. Nitrogen Uptake II

2nd:  Olivia Knox--Effective Deterrents to Reduce Runoff

              Noah Felderman--Worming Through Plastic

3rd:  Deegan Moes--The Effect of Iron Zinc on Soybeans

Environmental/Plant Science Winners L-R: Cameron Noethlich, Noah Felderman, Olivia Knox, Deegan Moes

Physical Science Division:

1st:  Lila Johnson--Pump It Up!

2nd:  Gracyn Bixler & Rebecca Huizenga--Minty Fresh Before Your Test

              Briggs LaBrie & Logan LaBrie--Does Sprocket Size Affect Acceleration?

              Kaiden Weinreis & Gavin Schneider--Does the Condition of the Golf Ball Affect Its Roll?

3rd:  Joe Heiman--Factors that Affect Solar Panels

Physical Science Winners L-R: Briggs LaBrie, Logan LaBrie, Gavin Schneider, Joe Heiman, Rebecca Huizenga, Gracyn Bixler, Lila Johnson (Not Pictured: Kaiden Weinreis)

Junior High Division:

1st:  Carson Miles--How Phosphorus Items Affect Tomato Plants

2nd:  Kaylie LaBrie--Testing Horse's Heartrate

3rd:  Tayber Hansen--How Detergent Affects Plants Differently

Honorable Mention: 

              Harper Underberg--Does Temperature Change Cause Smut to Form on Rabbits

               Hudson Hansen--How Does Aquarium Water Affect Soybeans?

Junior High Winners L-R: Kaylie LaBrie, Harper Underberg, Hudson Hansen, Tayber Hansen, Carson Miles