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The H-T FFA Chapter had a busy start to the year. In the first part of March we attended the Redfield, Faulkton and Northwestern CDEs. Redfield and Faulkton served as learning and practice events for our members. The Northwestern Area FFA CDE in Mellette was the first state qualifying event for District 6 FFA Chapters. Our chapter was able to qualify Ag Business Management, Agronomy, and Meats. A few other events came very close, but got edged out. We look forward to the Miller CDEs coming up next week. This will be the second, and last, qualifying event for District 6 FFA Chapters. Below is a detailed list of placings from the three events we have attended so far.

Redfield CDEs

Ag Business Management

Harlee Nielson - 2nd 

Ag Mechanics

Mikael Nielson - 19th 

Agronomy - 4th 

Rylee Knock - 9th 

Jocelyn Wagner - 18th 

Max Gilbert - 21st 

Devin Enander - 27th 

Patrick Maynard - 28th 

Dalton Rathjen - 30th 

Meats - 6th 

Preston Wipf - 13th 

Derek Johnson - 17th 

Aiden Morehouse - 18th 

Braxton Jacobs - 20th 

Tristan Nowell - 21st 

Sienna Stoner - 25th 

Tucker Buchholz - 27th 

Morgon Bottum - 30th 

Regan Lutter - 33rd 

Natural Resources

Blaze Binger - 25th 

Nick Tollefson - 47th 

Nursery Landscape

Madison Watson - 5th 

Danika Jacobs - 12th 

Vet Science

Lainee Humphrey - 27th 

Cooper Cole - 41st 

Faulkton CDEs

Ag Business Management - 2nd 

Harlee Nielson - 2nd 

Brendan Nowell - 11th 

Presley Binger - 20th 

Ag Mechanics - 8th 

Kaleb Watson - 19th 

Mikael Nielson - 20th 

Jesse Woodward - 28th 

Agronomy - 2nd 

Rylee Knock - 2nd 

Jocelyn Wagner - 12th  

Aiden Frankenstein - 13th 

Max Gilbert - 15th 

Dalton Rathjen - 17th 

Patrick Maynard - 26th 

Cash Chaplin - 27th  

Devin Enander - 35th 

Meats - 2nd 

Derek Johnson - 4th 

Aiden Morehouse - 5th  

Preston Wipf - 6th 

Tucker Buchholz - 7th 

Regan Lutter - 9th 

Braxton Jacobs -  13th 

Tristan Nowell - 14th 

Sienna Stoner - 15th 

Natural Resources - 4th 

Nick Tollefson - 10th 

Blaze Binger - 14th 

Katelyn Schroeder - 31st 

Nursery Landscape

Madison Watson - 13th 

Danika Jacobs - 16th 

Vet Science

Lainee Humphrey - 27th 

Northwestern CDEs

Ag Business Management - 3rd (State Qualified)

Harlee Nielson - 1st 

Brendan Nowell - 23rd 

Patrick Maynard - 28th 

Dalton Rathjen - 33rd 

Presley Binger - 35th 

Devin Enander - 36th  

Ag Mechanics - 3rd 

Mikael Nielson - 3rd 

Kaleb Watson - 13th 

Jesse Woodward - 36th 

Weston Wagner - 38th  

Agronomy - 2nd  (State Qualified)

Rylee Knock - 2nd 

Jocelyn Wagner - 12th  

Aiden Frankenstein - 13th 

Cash Chaplin - 19th 

Max Gilbert - 20th 

Meats - 3rd  (State Qualified)

Preston Wipf - 7th 

Derek Johnson - 13th 

Aiden Morehouse - 16th  

Tucker Buchholz - 19th 

Braxton Jacobs -  20th 

Regan Lutter - 25th 

Natural Resources

Blaze Binger - 26th 

Nick Tollefson - 37th 

Nursery Landscape - 4th 

Madison Watson - 7th 

Katelyn Schroeder - 18th  

Danika Jacobs - 24th 

Sienna Stoner - 33rd 

Vet Science

Lainee Humphrey - 35th 

Cooper Cole - 36th